Hello community!

We are BITEMBER, and we offer you pools for all your mining needs!

Currently, we're hosting two pools for miners, those are:

NeedleCoin( ) and

LindaCoin( ) pools.

Feel free to click the coin names, and it'll guide you to our websites, where you can find quick and easy guides for your setup needs.

Something about us:

     We have been hosting pools since 2013, and we have decided to up it a notch by becoming The Best pool provider on the market.

     Currently, our team consists of three people, Cray, Chan and Adam. Cray is our lead dev, who handles the most of programming, and issues that come with it. Chan is our back-up dev, and also our Community Manager. And Adam is our Social Networking manager, who manages our Social Media posts and does our banners on the coins.

Our motto has always been: Stability, Reliability, Trust. And by that we will expand on the idea.

Stability - We offer stable servers, services and b…